Phlo Connect: what’s in store for 2023?

Katie Beaton

Head of Product

February 9, 2023
6 minute read

The first weeks of 2023 have already flown by, bringing a busy and exciting start to the year for everyone in the Phlo Connect team. The coming months look set to be equally packed with activity as we look forward to the launch of several major projects, long-awaited product updates, major new partnerships and significant new hires. Join us as we take a deep-dive into what 2023 will bring for Phlo Connect

Building bigger and better

We’ve begun on a real high with the announcement of our £10m fundraise, a real vote of confidence from our investors in our product and people. We’ll be using this money to expand the reach and scale of Phlo Connect and Phlo Digital Pharmacy, and to develop some powerful new capabilities and integrations for both products. You can read more about the raise here.

Power through partnerships

In 2022 we continued to work with our valued healthcare partners, including  Babylon and The Dermatology Partnership, and we began a new partnership with Akea Life towards the end of the year. As our existing partnerships with pharmacy providers and healthcare organisations go from strength to strength, we’re looking forward to starting working with many more partners from all corners of the health space in 2023. Our planned partnerships will not only help us to expand our geographic footprint, but also the number of health verticals we work within.  

We believe that modernisation and digital transformation in the pharmacy sector is best achieved collaboratively, and that industry partnerships are the best route through which expertise and skills can be pooled towards the pursuit of improved patient outcomes.  

Continuing to support VIMPROs and remote care

The growth of the Vertically Integrated Micro Provider (VIMPRO) model was one of 2022s biggest growth areas, and the proliferation of these digital-first, specialised care providers shows no signs of abating.  

We work with leading VIMPROs including Leva Clinic and SkinDoc to provide the seamless digital prescribing and medication journey that patients have come to expect from these providers. We’re pursuing new VIMPRO integrations and partnerships in 2023, and we will continue to play a central role in helping traditionally underserved patient groups access on-demand care and medical education.  

Developing our APIs

The health sector in the UK is under immense pressure, as staff shortages and heavy service demand threaten to overwhelm the system. At Phlo Connect we remain committed to helping alleviate pressure on the system by removing workload from prescribing clinicians (and their teams) and making it easier and faster for patients to access medication.  

We remain in constant dialogue with our partners and users, which allows us to quickly adapt and innovate in line with their evolving needs and pain points. 2023 will see the launch of several updates to our APIs, each one designed to improve the experience of using Phlo Connect and to address new needs and pressures within the consultation, prescribing and medication delivery space.  

Welcoming new members to the team

The Phlo team headcount grew to exceed 70 people in 2022, as we focused on building out our product, marketing and leadership teams. Julien Mazé, our Principal Software Engineer, joined us in January as one of our first new colleagues of the year, and Miraj Patel, our Business Development Manager, joined the team in November as one of our final hires of 2022, alongside Lyndsay O’Brien as Product Owner of the growing Phlo Connect offering.  

This year we have plans to more than double the headcount of our team in order to meet new demand and increase our capacity further. We’ll be bringing on board experienced and talented people (both from Scotland, where we are based, and remote colleagues from across the UK) who share our vision to power transformation in digital health, as well as several ambitious people looking to launch their careers in healthtech. We’re already looking forward to an all-staff vision and planning day in 2023!

Keep on top of everything we achieve in 2023, and be the first to hear any news and updates from the Phlo Connect team. Follow our blog and our social media channels.  

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Written by

Katie Beaton

Head of Product

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