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The Dermatology Partnership operate multiple in person clinics across England that previously only performed face-to-face consultations with their patients. The advent of COVID-19 meant that The Dermatologist Partnership had to pivot quickly to offer digital consultations to their patients.  After setting up the appropriate systems to carry out remote consultations, the patient journey / experience was severely hindered with delays in providing the patient with their private prescription.

Providing virtual consultations was only one piece of the puzzle. Enabling patients to access their treatment quickly was a vital component of the overall patient experience.

Before partnering with Phlo Connect, each individual clinic of The Dermatology Partnership posted the paper prescription to the patient. This was a time-consuming process and severely delayed patient access to treatment. Once the prescription had been issued, there was a complete lack of visibility over the patient’s post-consultation experience. This increased pressure on customer service teams, liaising with multiple pharmacies across multiple clinics, increasing the administrative burden on clinicians and operational support teams.
Year Joined:   2020
Located:   Clinics across England

The Dermatology Partnership is a growing group of private clinics in England that specialise in providing their patients with outstanding dermatology care led by dermatology consultants.  By combining clinical excellence with technological innovation, their vision is to build the UK’s leading dermatology group.

The Fragmented Process

Set out below is an overview of the process before The Dermatology Partnership integrated with Phlo Connect
Patient has digital consultation with dermatologist
Physical posting of prescription to pharmacy
Patient does not know price or whether medication is in stock
Patient to wait 2/3 days for prescription to be fulfilled
Patient must travel to pharmacy to collect medication
The operational challenges associated with running multiple clinics with different processes and patient bases accelerated the need for more streamlined solutions across all their clinics.  If a patient had to travel to a physical pharmacy to collect their skin care treatment, there would be no guarantee the items would be in stock or the price being charged to the patient.The Dermatology Partnership began searching for a pharmacy partner who could provide  a seamless digital experience, the best possible patient care and a personalised approach to planning and treatment.


The Phlo Connect team worked closely with The Dermatology Partnership to understand their existing patient and clinician journeys for each of their clinics. We then created bespoke scalable digital patient journeys that focused on reducing the friction points for patients and clinicians.

Clinicians were able to send an electronic prescription directly to Phlo’s pharmacy through a secure email system. Post-consultation, patients could then order and schedule their medication delivery at a time and place that suited them via a one-page checkout process.

The Phlo Connect Process

Patient has digital consultation with dermatologist
Prescription sent electronically to Phlo
Upfront costs of medication provided to patient
Patient can schedule same day or next day delivery across the UK and Channel Islands
Patient can track the progress of their order in real time
Phlo Connect worked with the broader customer service team at the Dermatology Partnership to ensure smooth integration and regular patient communications. Phlo Connect worked with the operations team to agree on fixed pricing for their frequently prescribed items ensuring that their patients received the best possible price for their medication.  Furthermore, Phlo ensured that these items were continually stocked in our pharmacies to mitigate any potential shortages and delays to patients.
We continue to work closely with the team at The Dermatology Partnership to ensure that our service is fit for purpose for both patients and clinicians.


Phlo Connect built a bespoke offering in a few weeks to help The Dermatology Partnership provide to an end-to-end digital patient experience.

Offering their patients, the option to order and manage their treatment digitally at the touch of a button has dramatically improved the patient experience across their UK clinics. By partnering with Phlo Connect, The Dermatology Partnership has significantly reduced the administrative burden placed on their clinical and customer service teams by reducing returned prescriptions to clinics and streamlining their operations across all clinics in England.

Phlo Connect has allowed us to offer our patients the pharmacy service of the future. Not only have we been able to offer our patients a superior digital experience when accessing their medication, but we have also significantly streamlined and optimised the way that we prescribe across all our UK dermatology clinics. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the future.

- Dr Adam Friedmann
Consultant Dermatologist & Clinical Lead
The provision of competitive fixed up-front treatment pricing means that all clinics can offer their patients treatment at the best prices, contributing to increased patient retention and satisfaction levels.

Covid restrictions have eased, and patients can return to the clinics for face-to-face consultations. However, The Dermatology Partnership continue to offer remote consultations, which are popular with their patient base.  Although face to face appointments have returned, patients can still access the Phlo service due to the competitive pricing we offer, stock availability and the convenience of the items being delivered to an address of their choosing.

Our partnership with The Dermatology Partnership is an excellent example of the benefits we can offer your patients. The Phlo Connect service can work with healthcare providers like you who are offer both in-person and digital services. In our experience, no healthcare provider is the same, and we will work with you to tailor a service that works for you and your patients.

Spoke with doctor. Needed some medication urgently. Phlo delivered it to my flat within hours. Fast delivery. Payment was online. The perfect high tech modern day pharmacy. The way every pharmacy should be. Absolutely superb. Thank you.

- Narada

Prescriber Benefits

Reduce administrative burden on clinical and customer service teams
Provide an end-to-end digital healthcare service
Upfront pricing and stock alerts
Superior patient satisfaction

Patient Benefits

Superior patient experience
Direct access to pharmacy team
Real-time patient order updates
Rapid same-day delivery

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