Prescribing API

Pharmacy integration made simple.

Supercharge your clinical systems using our easy-to-integrate API endpoints.

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“Partnering with Phlo Connect has elevated the way we operate and what we can offer our patients.”

Dr James Denny at skindoc.

Your system, every update

Keep the systems you rely on and enhance your workflows. Our API integrates the Phlo Connect technology stack with your existing clinical setup.

Taking care of security & compliance

Powered by time-stamped metadata, blockchain identity verifications and all the security features you need to be fully regulatory compliant. Wave goodbye to paper prescriptions and wet signatures with complete peace of mind.

Accuracy and speed built in

API takes the strain so your team can work smarter, and faster with no compromises. Seamlessly integrate and make life easier.

“Enjoy a connected software experience like never before.”

Alistair Murray, Chief Pharmacist at Phlo Connect

Got an API question?

What actually is an API?

Simply, it is a connecting piece of software that allows one system to talk to another (or multiple). It means your existing systems can seamlessly talk to ours.

Why will an API work for me?

If you already have a patient management system then our API is a simple way for you to access the benefits of our technology stack. Send prescriptions and see real-time prescription status updates directly from your own systems — plus lots more.

Is it hard to set up?

Your dedicated Phlo Connect onboarding team will work with you and your technical team; from scoping requirements through to testing, training and go-live. We will become your trusted clinical partner as you supercharge your existing platforms with the Phlo Connect technology stack.

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Game changing API technology that's easy to use.

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