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Phlo Connect is the market-leading API-driven pharmacy infrastructure platform delivering enhanced patient and clinician experiences.

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Bespoke pharmacy experience

Our market-leading integrated pharmacy infrastructure platform delivers a complete end-to-end digital healthcare experience for clinicians and patients.

Trusted by leading global healthcare providers

Transforming experiences across the healthcare ecosystem

Easy-to-use technology that’s your essential clinical partner

No more paper prescribing

Digitally create, sign and send prescriptions

Live patient updates every step of the way

Tailored integration with your existing systems

Hassle-free prescription delivery

Easy to use

Pharmacy API integration

Easily integrate with our industry leading pharmacy technology.

Digitally sign & send prescriptions

Send signed electronic prescriptions to Phlo in seconds.

Seamless checkout experience

Unique partner-branded checkouts tailored to your own patient journeys.

Integrated prescribing services

Our prescribing pharmacists available to meet your clinical and patient needs.

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Delighting partners and their patients

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The ultimate pharmacy fulfilment for your patients and clinical teams

Connecting to Phlo Digital Pharmacy rated 4.8 on Trustpilot

Now is the time to fully digitise your healthcare service

Integrate a complete end-to-end clinician and patient journey through a seamless digital pharmacy experience. We are here to help you achieve this.

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