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Does Phlo Connect work with Private healthcare providers?

Yes, we work with a range of digital healthcare providers, telemedicine providers and traditional “bricks and mortar” healthcare operators looking to provide an integrated pharmacy service to their patients.  

Does Phlo Connect work with NHS healthcare providers?

Yes, as a registered NHS distance selling pharmacy, we can process acute and repeat NHS prescriptions for all patients based in England. We are not able to process NHS prescriptions in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Does Phlo carry out bespoke work for partners?

Yes, if a partner requires specific integration work outside of what is currently available, we can work with your team to create a system that works for you. Please note that depending on the scope of the project there may be additional charges and lead time attached to any bespoke work. We will discuss the specifics with you during the consultation process.

How much does it cost to integrate with Phlo Connect?

If you meet our minimum volume targets, there is no cost to integrating with Phlo Connect. If, however, your anticipated volumes are less then there is an annual service fee of £750 ex VAT to integrate with Phlo Connect.

Is transferring prescriptions via your API secure?

Yes.  Our API is available over HTTPS which means data is encrypted from your application to our servers. Each account which accesses our API requires a pair of authorization tokens which are provided to account holders. These can be compared to a username and password and must be provided with every API request. This ensures all API access is from authorized parties only.

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