Prescribing Portal

One-stop prescribing as standard.

Our ready-to-go system for your prescription management needs — all in one place.

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“We could not have stored and handled physical paper prescriptions, so this was a massive help.”

James Reynolds at DigiDerm

Less admin, more patient care

Digitally create, sign and send prescriptions in a simple sequence designed to be as intuitive as you are. Streamlined processes let you work at pace and spend more time talking to your patients. Tap, tap, done!

Pen-free prescription signing

Our Advanced Digital Signing flagship feature lets you digitally sign prescriptions and instantly send them to our Phlo Digital Pharmacy team for review and dispensing.

Safe, secure and seamless signing

No need for paper RX follow-ups

Automatic fully compliant audit trails

Protect your team and your patients

Experience elevated compliance without elevated effort. Make fast friends with data security

Individual logins for everyone in your team

Time-stamped metadata and blockchain identity verifications

Digitally accessible and secure prescription audit trails

“Patient consultations are about the patient experience, not drowning in needless prescription admin.”

Lyndsay O’Brien, Product Owner at Phlo Connect

Got a Prescribing Portal question?

Who dispenses the prescription?

Phlo Connect is part of Phlo Technologies and we have our own in-house pharmacy called Phlo Digital Pharmacy. When you sign and send a prescription, it stays within our secure network and is sent to one of our GPhC registered UK pharmacy hubs to be dispensed.

How do my patients get their prescriptions?

We will send them an email introducing ourselves and they can digitally manage their prescription delivery options with us. And you can keep an eye on all status updates in your Prescribing Portal dashboard.

Is it hard to set up?

Your dedicated Phlo Connect onboarding team will handle everything, from scoping requirements through to testing, training and go-live. We are your trusted clinical partner.

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