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skindoc are a dermatology provider who integrated a complete Phlo Connect package, enabling a seamless digital healthcare experience for their patients.

The benefits of this are multi-fold for their business model, clinicians and patients. But why was this so important for them and why was Phlo Connect the right solution?

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Who are skindoc?

skindoc is a service that offers patients direct access to leading consultant dermatologists via an online experience. This means patients can benefit from seamless assessment, diagnosis and treatment without having to leave home or travel to in-person appointments. It’s convenient, eco-friendly and hugely improves access to the underserved parts of the UK.

As a healthcare organisation, skindoc are a rapidly growing, leading dermatology provider in the UK market – their purpose is “to bring rapid, convenient, and quality skincare to every home in the nation”.

The market for dermatology services has experienced huge growth; fuelled by the challenges facing dermatology funding and access in the NHS, coupled with an increasing desire for ‘screen-ready skin’ amongst patients. From an operational perspective, skindoc’s scalability relied on finding a healthtech partner that could facilitate - rather than hinder - future growth.

who are skindoc

Facing into the challenges of digital dermatology healthcare

Phlo connect is the natural partner for skindoc, based on two core challenges in their mission to offer diagnosis and treatment of skin problems without leaving the sofa.

Prescription medication fulfilment

Creating a connected healthcare experience for skindoc patients means more than an online consultation with an expert. It means getting prescribed medication from skindoc to their patients. After experiencing easy access to skindoc’s experts, patients need to easily access their medications to begin treatment. skindoc offer a premium service and their patients expect a premium experience.

Efficient prescribing for clinicians

skindoc’s patients deserve the full attention of the skindoc experts during their consultation appointments. And, skindoc want to deliver on their skincare mission. So they need a technology partner who can minimise the time-drain of traditional prescribing methods and give them back precious time to provide great patient experiences.

skindoc know that digitising each step in their online delivery model means benefits for them, their clinicians and their patients. Simply offering online consultations in a growing digital healthcare space is not enough for them, or their patient base, who expect more from premium healthcare experiences.

Partnering with Phlo Connect to deliver solutions

Combining our growing technology stack offering with our well-established digital pharmacy infrastructure platform, we were able to solve both of skindoc’s core challenges.

skindoc chose our Advanced Digital Signing API and connected into our Phlo Digital Pharmacy dispensing and delivery platform, which includes our One-page Checkout for patients.

Working in sync with skindoc’s online consultation experience, their patients now experience a truly connected digital healthcare experience. From initial contact, consultation, prescribing, medication delivery to final treatment, the patient experiences digital harmony and an efficient end-to-end experience.

partner experience

The clinician experience

Safe and secure digital prescribing with integrated Advanced Digital Signing

More time dedicated to patients during consultations

Reduced anxiety around patient access to prescribed medications

Knowing their patients are being supported from the minute the prescription is signed to the minute the medication is delivered to the patient

Dr Sreedhar Krishna
Co-founder Skindoc

The patient experience

More time with their skincare expert during online consultations

A hassle-free one-page checkout experience on their mobile device

Handy notifications about their medication dispensing and delivery

Peace of mind their treatment solution is seamlessly on its way to them

patient experience

The business operations experience

A truly digitally connected operating model, scalable across multiple UK-wide teams

Robust, secure and auditable processes

Time-saving efficiencies for clinicians, managers and admin teams

An enhanced patient experience to match their premium offering

business experience

"Partnering with Phlo Connect has elevated the way we operate and what we can offer our patients."

Dr James Denny

CEO and Co-founder

Partnering with Phlo Connect has elevated the way we operate and what we can offer our patients. We set out to offer the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological problems without the patient having to leave their sofa. We had the diagnosis stage in place, but we knew there was more to be done to improve the prescribing and pharmacy stages.

The Phlo Connect team took the time to really understand our challenges and how they could solve them. The initial work in this space was a breath of fresh air – we were part of the process and helped shape it. We couldn’t build this ourselves because of time and regulatory challenges, so this has been transformative.

The Phlo Connect team managed, designed and stress-tested the API integrations. It has been game changing for the growth capability of our business and for the experiences of our patients. The whole process has been seamless.

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