Meet Advanced Digital Signing: making digital prescribing a reality

Eva Luckhiram

Head of Product

August 22, 2022
5 min read

At Phlo Connect, our vision is a fully connected digital healthcare ecosystem, and for 2022 we set ourselves a North Star goal which goes a long way to achieving this reality.

Our goal was to remove the digital prescribing barrier for our partners and complete a fully digital, end-to-end digital prescribing journey.

Why is this important?

Every healthcare partner call we have starts with understanding their current prescribing processes and systems. And on every call, we hear stories of frustrating, time-consuming, manual or multi-system processes.

The diversity in the growing private healthcare space is wide. We speak to global conglomerates, expanding traditional clinics and start-up innovators. Spanning all disciplines; from woman’s health, dermatology, to general practice telemedicine. Yet, no matter the discipline, or innovation in the healthcare space, they must adhere to the same legal requirements.

These legal requirements are arguably the biggest blocker to scaling prescribing within these companies; how to efficiently meet regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety with an accessible and integrated digital prescribing infrastructure.

Whilst the private space has the agility to innovate, they are working without a universal digital prescribing system like the EPS (Electronic Prescription Service) afforded to NHS prescribers and patients.

The legal framework

If you have not read the Human Medicines Regulations Act for private prescribing, we will save you the time and share two essential requirements from it.

A legal private prescription needs either:

  • An original prescription with a ‘wet signature’ to be received by your pharmacy within 72 hours of any electronic prescription copy sent, or
  • A digital prescription sent with an “advanced electronic signature” - uniquely linked to the signatory, under their sole control, capable of identifying the signatory and linked to data to detect any change in that data.

Phlo Connect’s Advanced Digital Signing

We set out to create a solution to requirement number two and we asked ourselves a couple of key questions at the outset.

  1. What does Phlo Connect’s Advanced Digital Signing look like to our Phlo Connect dedicated team of developers, user experience designers and product managers?

Time stamped meta data, blockchain attestations, API end points, customisable authenticated prescribing sessions, and end to end prescriber to patient journey maps.

  1. What does Phlo Connect’s Advanced Digital Signing look like to our Phlo Connect private healthcare partners?

No more paper prescriptions, time efficiency, a fully digital audit trail and no more of your team printing out piles of prescriptions for clinicians to bulk sign.

Consultants and clinical teams need simple and secure systems that integrate into existing processes and pathways. This is exactly what Advance Digital Signing delivers. The Phlo Connect Advance Digital Signing software is built to fit into your prescribing flow and provides a full audit trail.

Upon signing, a prescriber's metadata is stored, and their signature referenced with a unique signature data hash. This hash of data is time stamped using a blockchain service to ensure the original prescribing data cannot be changed without detection.

Our Prescribing API contains a GET prescription end point to retrieve all prescription data. If verification of a prescription and signature is required, an attestation can be retrieved and verified within our time stamping service, using the time stamping data recorded upon signing the prescription.

On registration of a new prescriber, prescriber data is verified against General Medical Council records and the prescriber's registration data is used for two-factor authentication when starting each digital prescribing session.

Phlo Connect’s digital prescribing is built behind a full authentication system; built and customised to provide both user experience and data security.

We are the market-leading API-driven pharmacy infrastructure platform delivering enhanced patient and clinician experiences. We’re now offering healthcare partners a fully digital prescribing journey - from the point of prescribing to the point of delivery - with Phlo Connect Advanced Digital Signing and Phlo Digital Pharmacy.

Arrange a live demo of Advanced Digital Signing and see how seamless prescribing can be. Let’s work together to create fully connected digital experiences for your clinicians and patients. Get in touch today.

Written by

Eva Luckhiram

Head of Product

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