Onboarding with Phlo Connect – neutralising the digital fear-factor

Andrew Farquharson

Creative Communicator

December 1, 2022
5 minute read

Technological evolution and digital transformation can be concepts that equally excite and terrify people. At Phlo Connect we are excited by digital transformation within healthcare, which is why we are the digital pharmacy partners of choice for a diverse range of mainstream and innovative healthcare providers.  

Adopting our plug & play digital infrastructure means their businesses have the flexibility to scale in line with commercial business plans, whilst delivering seamless patient and clinician experiences. So, whilst they focus on delivering what they are good at, our Phlo Connect team assimilates into their business to deliver digital transformation.  

How do we make accessible technology your essential business partner?

Much like any doctor-patient relationship, the Phlo Connect approach to removing the fear-factor around technology is transparency and breaking the process down into key stages.  

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Delivery of treatment
  • Ongoing monitoring and quick remedy

By working in this way, our teams are able to focus on identifying what is important to your healthcare business and where our technology can improve your operations. Creating integrated operational efficiencies in your backend means more time can be dedicated to enhancing patient experiences, developing new services and focusing on business growth.

“Since Phlo has become our official pharmacy partner, we have significantly improved our end-to-end patient experience and have witnessed some great operational efficiencies. The Phlo team are great to work with and took the time to understand our patient/clinical journeys to deliver a convenient pharmacy solution for our patients.The standard of service Phlo offers our patients is fantastic and its reassuring to have a reliable and clinically focused partner to dispense and deliver prescriptions for our patients."

Nabila Chaudhri
Global Director of Pharmacy
Babylon Health

How simple is the Phlo Connect plug & play technology?

We’ve invested in doing the hard work so the integration phase is as simple as possible. Our engineers, designers and product teams have refined the Phlo Connect platform in order to deliver our seamless digital pharmacy experience for clinicians and patients. And, for the ease of getting healthcare partners up & running? It is built ‘integration ready’ so we can work with your techical teams to easily connect with other healthcare platforms you may already be using. This is what we mean by ‘API driven’ - built so that it can easily connect to other essential digital tools and create a secure information flow. It is as simple as that.  

Staying connected

We understand the trepidation around digitisation and the unknown. When you partner with Phlo Connect you will work with a complete team of engineers, designers and product specialists, plus a key point of contact. And we are in it for the long haul; not just for the integration and go-live phases. We are here for your full journey as a Phlo Connect partner. We can work directly with your technical team, but if you do not have one, then relax – our team will step in to fill the gap.  

Worried you have complex legacy systems getting in the way?

There is no need to worry. Our teams will assess your current technology and platform setup, then combine this information with the fuller picture around your clinical and business requirements. Because Phlo Connect is plug & play ready, and built using the latest OpenAPI specification, we can create smooth integration pathways with efficient ease.

Is it time to fully digitise your healthcare offering?

If it feels like the right time to integrate a complete end-to-end patient experience with a seamless digital pharmacy pathway, then we are here to help ease the transition.  

Contact us to discover more about Phlo Connect and how we can work together to create integrated digital pathways for your clinicians and patients. Contact us today

Written by

Andrew Farquharson

Creative Communicator

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