What is an API and its benefits to healthcare providers?

Matteo Fusillo

Full Stack Developer

January 19, 2023
5 minute read

At Phlo Connect, we enable healthcare providers to connect seamlessly into our industry-leading pharmacy infrastructure platform using our plug and play APIs.

Deep API integrations between healthcare providers and our pharmacy platform allows for streamlined processes and unbeatable healthcare provider and patient experiences.

Our previous blog covers all the ins and outs of our plug and play technology.

Let’s explore what integrating with an API-driven platform means for you as a healthcare provider, and how it can benefit your service.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface, or API, allows you to connect your products into a platform that someone else has built. APIs typically provide a rich set of tools that can be used to enhance your product and can also act as a way to share data between organisations. While a user interface allows a person to connect into a platform directly - typically though a visual interface - an API allows products to communicate effectively without any human interaction. Using an API is an ideal way to kick off automated processes, transfer data and keep products in sync.

The Phlo Connect API is a “plug-and-play” solution which specifically allows healthcare providers to communicate with Phlo Connect’s pharmacy infrastructure. Healthcare providers can build on this API to provide an end-to-end digital healthcare experience - from the initial consultation with a patient, to the delivery of their medication.

How it works

As a healthcare provider, at the point that you wish send a prescription to your patient, this trigger a call to the Phlo Connect API that provides us with all the details we need to go ahead and dispense the patient’s medication and deliver it to their door. This removes any need for clunky PDFs, spreadsheets, or paper prescriptions to change hands. Building on our API saves time, reduces errors and provides a strong audit trail of the whole prescription fulfilment process.

As well as transferring prescriptions, the Phlo Connect API allows prescriptions to be digitally signed, prescription details to be retrieved at any time, and in the case of any unforeseen issues, the ability to cancel the prescription so it will no longer be fulfilled. Throughout the fulfilment process the Phlo Connect API will also send real time updates back to your product so you know what’s happening with your patient’s prescription every step of the way.

The benefits to the healthcare provider

With our API plug and play technology, healthcare providers are reassured their patient receives a seamless digital experience from end of consultation to delivery of prescription. This increases the overall patient experience of the service provider.

Our partners also have a reduced administrative load as we take care of the digital prescription and dispensing. Furthermore, with our integration, we can supply upfront medication pricing to your patients and can manage stock levels by assessing your most prescribed item.

Interested in finding out more? Download our API documentation below. 

We understand that, as a healthcare provider, patient experience and care is essential. That’s why we have made it simple to integrate with our pharmacy infrastructure through our API.  

Contact the team today If you would like to discover more about Phlo Connect and how we can help you create integrated digital pathways for your clinicians and patients. Get in touch today.

Written by

Matteo Fusillo

Full Stack Developer

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