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Leva Clinic

Leva Clinic are innovators in chronic pain management, delivering industry leading personalised medical cannabis treatment plans. Built upon a digital-first operating model, Leva Clinic needed a healthcare partner who could ensure their prescription dispensing and delivery processes were compliant, timely and secure.

Partnering with Phlo Connect has helped open the door to effective pain management medication for thousands of UK patients. Explore how we helped Leva Clinic deliver a trailblazing UK-first.

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Pain management

Who are Leva Clinic?

Leva Clinic are the first CQC-regulated fully online chronic pain clinic. They offer evidence-based treatments for chronic pain, including personalised medical cannabis care plans. Leva Clinic are part of Project Twenty21 - the largest observational medical cannabis research project in Europe, which aims to gather clinical and real-world data to assess the effectiveness and efficacy of medical cannabis.

As innovators in pain management, Leva Clinic needed the right partner to map out and build a completely new way of delivering their treatments to patients.

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Understanding the core challenges facing Leva Clinic

Phlo Connect is the natural partner for Leva Clinic. Notwithstanding our capability to address Leva Clinic’s main operating challenges, but also being a likeminded innovator in our approach to digital pharmacy and healthcare delivery models.

Prescription medication fulfilment

Safely delivering treatments - that five years ago were unlicensed for medical use - meant the requirement to develop new processes and procedures. Leva Clinic needed a partner who could understand, build and deliver on the new processes and procedures required for such an innovative offering, but also demonstrate the existing capability of a flexible digital pharmacy model.

Creating seamless patient pharmacy experiences

To ensure Leva Clinic could deliver their digital-first operating model - which includes a complete lifecycle of consultation, diagnosis, treatment plan, delivery, consultation - the way in which the patient could interact with the treatment ordering and delivery stages would be an essential element in delivering a successful pain management solution.

Partnering with Phlo Connect to deliver solutions

Combining our growing technology stack offering with our well-established digital pharmacy infrastructure platform, we were able to solve both of Leva Clinic’s core challenges.

Utilising our Phlo Digital Pharmacy dispensing and delivery platform, which includes our One-page Checkout for patients, these solutions became the supporting infrastructure Leva Clinic needed to deliver their innovative pain management experience to their patients.

Discovery before action

Our approach is always centred on discovery. Given the unique nature of the Leva Clinic patient offering, our teams needed to understand the granular detail and regulation of their operating environment. We engaged in clinical conversations within Leva Clinic’s cannabis supply chain around the logistics of licensing, ordering of medications, safe storage and expiry management processes.

Our existing dispensing and delivery platform meant Leva Clinic could move at pace, as we built upon our expertise to deliver a compliant and robust set of processes and procedures tailored to them.

Dispensing and delivery combined

From a patient perspective, they enjoy a seamless pharmacy experience via our industry leading One-page Checkout. This allows them to access a secure checkout space and finalise their prescription order and delivery details. For a patient in chronic pain, this experience is transformational and can be done from the comfort of their home without the increased physical pain of going to a high street pharmacy.

Leva Clinic patients enjoy a truly connected digital healthcare experience. From start to finish, the patient experiences digital harmony with added peace of mind their medication will soon be safely delivered to their home.

The business operations experience

A connected dispensing solution

Compliant and robust processes and procedures

Safe and secure medication storage

Day-to-day communication with Phlo Pharmacists

The patient experience

A connected start-to-finish patient journey

Easy-to-use pharmacy checkout experience

Convenient and safe medication delivery

Peace of mind to focus on their priorities

"Together with Phlo Connect we’re excited about putting our shared patient-first values into practice."

Eric Bystrom

CEO and Co-founder

12 million adults in the UK suffer with significant persistent pain. We’re thrilled to partner with Phlo Connect to ensure our patients’ prescriptions are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Together with Phlo Connect we’re excited about putting our shared patient-first values into practice.

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