Why your patients deserve a better pharmacy experience 

Mairead Quigley

Senior Marketing Manager

February 2, 2022
5 min read

Patient expectations are changing when it comes to managing their healthcare. The move towards digitally enabled healthcare solutions fuels the need for healthcare providers to re-think their entire patient experience. During COVID-19, many healthcare providers that traditionally offered in-person clinical consultations had no choice but to pivot to provide digital consultations so they could continue to provide patient care. As a healthcare provider, your patient experience not only keeps your patients well cared for, but it also keeps patients returning to your service if they have had an excellent overall experience. Many healthcare providers have made considerable progress in digitising patient onboarding and consultation processes. However, what happens after their consultation? This is where many providers lose control over the patient experience.

Your patient experience does not end after the clinical consultation is complete. Suppose a patient must physically travel to a pharmacy, cannot easily access their medication or treatment or are unaware of the associated cost of their treatment, it’s likely to be a frustrating experience that may reflect negatively on the service that you work so hard to provide.  

But what if there’s a better solution?

Phlo Connect is an integrated digital pharmacy platform that provides your patients with an end-to-end digital patient experience from consultation to medication delivery. We seamlessly plug into your clinical systems and provide your patients with a fast, safe, and reliable way to access their medication without having to leave their own homes.  

Here are just a few patient benefits of integrating with Phlo Connect

A superior patient experience

Suppose a patient has chosen a digital consultation. The ability to offer them a quick and easy way to order their treatment at a time and a place that suits them provides a much better overall patient experience. They don’t have to deal with the hassle of travelling to a pharmacy, an often-frustrating experience for so many.  

Rapid same-day delivery

Patients that live in our same-day delivery zones will have access to our on-demand delivery service. This allows them to receive their medication in four-hour time slots. In fact, our average delivery time is 2 hours, our quickest to date is 27 minutes! This is the first-of-its kind digital pharmacy service in the UK. Very convenient for patients that have urgent medication needs or need to access treatment quickly without leaving their house.  

Upfront pricing and stock alerts

If you’re issuing a private prescription, one of the biggest pain points for your patients is the discrepancy in drug pricing and whether a pharmacy has that medication in stock. With Phlo Connect, a patient will know upfront whether their medication is in stock and how much it will cost. As a digital pharmacy, we always do our best to provide our partners with competitive medication pricing for your patients.

Real-time patient updates and tracking

Your patients  will receive real time updates on the progress of their prescription via SMS and email. This allows them to see when their medication has been dispensed and when it is out for delivery. This allows for extra peace of mind and allows your patients to better plan their time.  

Direct access to Phlo’s pharmacy team

Your patients are our patients. They will have direct access to Phlo’s dedicated pharmacy and patient care team. We will handle all patient medication queries on your behalf, so you can focus on what is important. Patients can contact us via phone, email and live chat whenever they need to.  

These are just some of the benefits your patients will experience if you partner with Phlo Connect. We are delighted to be helping some of the UK’s largest tele-medicine and private healthcare providers such as Babylon, HealthHero and The Dermatology Partnership.  

Interested in finding out more about some of the provider benefits that Phlo Connect offers? Check out this blog or get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

Written by

Mairead Quigley

Senior Marketing Manager

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