Why partner with Phlo Connect?

Adam Hunter

Chief Commercial Officer

November 18, 2021
6 min read

Access to medication should never be an afterthought.

All too often in healthcare, we ignore this crucial part of the patient journey. In the private healthcare sector, there has been an explosion in the provision of virtual healthcare services, covering health-tech operators and traditional bricks and mortar clinics.  The trend of remote consultation will continue to grow in the healthcare sector. However, although a lot of thought and product development has gone into these services there is a gap in the “digital healthcare experience” – access to medication.

The Broken Experience

The above diagram neatly sets out the issue facing patients. For example, a patient may have an acute illness and decide to use a private virtual GP service. Usually, this patient from the comfort of their home will speak to a clinician who then issues a prescription for collection at a pharmacy. The patient will then travel to a pharmacy in the hope the pharmacy has received their prescription, the medication is in stock and that the price of the prescription is reasonable. The healthcare provider either faxes or emails this private prescription to the Pharmacy with no idea as to whether this has been received or not.  

There are so many friction points and opportunities for this process to go awry and when it does the patient experience suffers.  

How Phlo Connect Solves this Problem

Phlo Connect is an API driven pharmacy infrastructure platform that enables healthcare providers to send private prescriptions digitally to our pharmacy automatically.  We integrate directly with your clinical management systems and provide your patients with a simple one-page checkout process to order and pay for their medication.


Phlo Connect completes the digital experience for patients; gone are the days of having to travel to a pharmacy, Phlo delivers directly to your patients.  

"The standard of service Phlo offers our patients is fantastic and its reassuring to have a reliable and clinically focused partner to dispense and deliver prescriptions for our patients."

Nabila Chaudhri, Global Director of Pharmacy (Babylon Health)

Phlo Connect offers a seamless digital experience where patients can access their medication from their home, know the cost and stock availability without having to travel to a pharmacy first. Ultimately Phlo Connect removes friction points and reduces the potential for a poor patient experience.

Our service also benefits your clinicians and patient care team by reducing the administrative burdens of emailing/faxing a prescription, following it up with the original paper script, and managing thousands of disparate pharmacies. By integrating with Phlo Connect these problems disappear.  

"Since Phlo has become our official pharmacy partner, we have significantly improved our end-to-end patient experience and have witnessed some great operational efficiencies."

Nabila Chaudhri, Global Director of Pharmacy (Babylon Health)

We believe Phlo Connect is a significant step forward for the private healthcare sector, consigning paper prescriptions and fax machines to history. This is a new era for the sector and the best part is we are only just beginning.  

Phlo works with a range of digital health and “in-person” providers if you’d like to schedule a call with our team then get in touch today.

Written by

Adam Hunter

Chief Commercial Officer

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