The ultimate healthtech reading list

Miraj Patel

Business Development Manager

January 12, 2023
4 minute read

New ideas lead to innovation, and in the healthtech space there continues to be a wave of frenetic innovation. Fresh thinking and new ideas are the order of the day, but where do these ideas come from and how do the innovators stay inspired?

Taking pure genius, hunches and instinct aside, the quickest and most effective way to stay inspired is to know what everyone else is doing. Be that in your own sector, the wider environment and in totally different sectors, there are always things to learn and take inspiration from. Our team have shared their ultimate healthtech reading list (listening and watching too) so you can always keep up to date with the latest ideas and spark new ideas of your own.

Pharmacy and medical focused insights

  1. British National Formulary (BNF) from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - Key information on the selection, prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines. Read more.
  2. Open Prescribing which lets you explore monthly updated anonymised data about the drugs prescribed by GPs in England. Read more.
  3. Sir Harry Burns, ex-Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, who speaks on the very strong, clear, eye-opening connections between ill health, social deprivation and the policies that cause the latter. Watch more or Read more.  
  4. TED Health hosted by Dr Shoshana Ungerleider answers questions you never even knew you had, and shares ideas you won't hear anywhere else, all around how we can live healthier lives. Listen in.
  5. NHS England’s podcast helps highlight the front-line challenges we are building for and the innovation and collaboration currently in progress. Listen in.  

Tech sector must-reads

  1. Wired deliver daily insights on tech, business, science, ideas and culture – a must-read to understand how ideas come to life and (hopefully) solve real-world challenges. Read more.
  2. Big Think pull together the big questions, big thinkers and delve into the big topics around technology and science, with a mix of high culture, smarts and hard science. Read more.
  3. Sifted bring together the latest news and analysis on Europe’s healthtech start-ups, including healthcare innovation, digital health, femtech and pharma. Read more.  
  4. TechCrunch focuses on all the big tech developments across all sectors. If it’s worth knowing, you’ll find it here. Read more.  
  5. UK Tech News for the latest news updates from the professional UK tech scene. Read more.

Healthtech specific analysis

  1. The Healthtech Podcast is highly rated for bringing together valuable insight from health-tech start-ups, experts, big pharma and more. Listen in.
  2. Digital Health London connects NHS staff, digital health companies and academics to foster digital-first innovation through collaboration. Explore their insights.
  3. Healthcare IT News provides daily healthtech news and updates globally and regionally, for a truly current temperature check of what’s happening in the sector. Read more.
  4. Health Tech Digital is a UK-based news site focusing on technology, health, security and solutions from the UK healthtech scene, whilst reporting with breadth across verticals like blockchain and AI. Read more.
  5. Health Tech World for global news and innovations across digital health, diagnostics, medtech and more. Explore their intel.

The best of the rest

There are lots of valuable sources to make sure you are in the know with the trending topics and changemaking developments. Here is a round-up of our best of the rest. And remember, social media channels can be a font of valuable insight, so long as you cut out the noise.

  1. Fierce Healthcare
  2. CB Insights
  3. The Economist
  4. Healthtech Pigeon
  5. HealthTech Magazine

2023 predictions

Keen to know more about current trends and our 2023 predictions? Read our fresh take on the year ahead and why everyone is invested in their piece of the healthtech pie. From brain chips to AI consultations, 2023 is going to be an adventure!

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Written by

Miraj Patel

Business Development Manager

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