The three strategic pillars of Phlo Connect

Adam Hunter

Chief Commercial Officer

February 23, 2023
8 minute read

We often describe ourselves at Phlo as a technology business operating in the pharmacy sector. This mindset has allowed us to look holistically at the digital healthcare space and identify gaps in the clinician/patient journey and how our pharmacy fulfilment platform Phlo Connect can fill those gaps. Our “three strategic pillars” underpin everything we do at Phlo. Every product feature, new service or idea must align with these pillars. If it doesn’t, we haven’t developed the appropriate solution.

So, what do the three pillars mean in practice?

Great patient care and service

First and foremost, Phlo is a healthcare provider, and our primary aim is to ensure that our healthcare partners can rely on us to provide safe and reliable care to patients. Excellent patient care and service is the “North Star” of Phlo Connect. It is all well and good to have superior engineering and design, but if you don’t deliver great patient care and service, you will fail as a health tech business. Too many tech companies focus on engineering/design and forget the most critical element – the people using your service. Our patient’s health and wellbeing are our main priority. At Phlo, we don’t make it difficult for patients to contact us. Patients can speak to our pharmacists and patient care team via phone, live chat, or email. We take great pride in our patient care, and it’s the only metric that matters in our sector.

This relentless focus on the patient experience is a promise we make to all our healthcare partners that when they refer their patients to us, we’ll ensure that their experience of Phlo is second to none.

Great engineering

Great engineering is the foundation upon which Phlo Connect is built upon. Our journey to realise our vision of developing the next generation of pharmacy infrastructure has only just begun. We have invested heavily into our back and front-end systems to ensure that our pharmacy platform systems operate seamlessly and at scale. Our in-house team of full-stack software engineers works across our product suite to ensure we develop the next generation of API-driven pharmacy software.

Without these solid foundations and domain experts within our business, we would not deliver on our vision to develop and deploy the most advanced pharmacy infrastructure platform in the UK. Much like the other pillars within Phlo, if our systems don’t work and our partners/patients can’t rely on our pharmacy platform to perform, our business fails. Our focus on great engineering provides us with the platform to scale and develop our offering; Phlo Connect wouldn’t deliver what our partners and patients expect from our service without these foundations.

Our focus on great engineering has been applied to our API-driven pharmacy infrastructure platform. You can find out more about our current API offering here.

Great design

Great Design is a crucial consideration for Phlo. It extends beyond merely the look and feel of our product(s) (which is essential) but the end-to-end user experience for clinicians and patients. We aim to tailor the design of our platform to ensure that it fits the needs of our partners and their patients. There is no point in having a fantastic product which no one can navigate. Furthermore, great design accelerates the adoption of digital healthcare solutions. Without great design, health-tech solutions do not resolve the friction points of the existing healthcare processes.  

We have an in-house team of UI/UX and graphic designers who work with our partners to design intuitive systems, reduce friction points, and ensure that patients can easily order their medication at a time and place which suits them. Our team is lasered focused on improving clinician/patient journeys through design. 

If you are operating in the health tech industry, we believe that all three pillars must be represented in every product or service you provide. All three are contingent on each other if you fail to deliver on one pillar, your whole offering will likely fail. These pillars drive our approach when working with our partners and providing pharmacy services to their patients. These are the foundations upon which Phlo Connect is built and provide us with the platform of realising our vision of delivering the next generation of pharmacy e-prescribing infrastructure in the UK.

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Written by

Adam Hunter

Chief Commercial Officer

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