Streamlining dermatology treatment: our partnership with DigiDerm

Miraj Patel

Business Development Manager

July 27, 2023
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We have recently partnered with DigiDerm, an online dermatology clinic providing quick access to treatments and advice for common skin conditions. As their digital pharmacy provider of choice, we have connected the pharmacy experience seamlessly into DigiDerm's business model and patient user journey.

Our partnership has allowed DigiDerm to focus on providing great clinical care to their patients while we take care of the rest. Through our Prescribing Portal, we have made it easy for DigiDerm's clinicians to generate and securely send private prescriptions to our pharmacy hubs. Our reputation for creating seamless patient experiences has also helped improve the overall customer service experience DigiDerm offers their patients.

Working with DigiDerm we are building change together, by improving patient access to treatments for people suffering from common skin conditions. The partnership has allowed DigiDerm to streamline their prescription process, making it easier for patients to receive their medication and for DigiDerm's team to focus on providing high-quality clinical care. We are building a long term partnership with DigiDerm as they change the future of dermatology delivery.

Read on to learn more about DigiDerm from Dermatology Pharmacist and Co-founder, James Reynolds.

Can you tell us more about DigiDerm and your vision for the future of dermatology?

In a nutshell, DigiDerm is an online dermatology clinic that provides quick access to treatments and advice for common skin conditions. I, along with my colleague Sam, founded DigiDerm. We are both pharmacists from South Wales who identified the pressing need for professional advice and treatments for common skin problems. Our company was established with the aim of providing accessible and reliable solutions to individuals seeking quality dermatological care. Our mission is to improve access to treatments for people suffering from common skin conditions, regardless of where they live, how much they earn or who they are. Our goal is to harness the power of remote digital technology and AI to provide quick, effective and affordable medications and advice for skin conditions to people across the UK. We are led by a team of dermatology pharmacist prescribers and this allows us to have a unique understanding of the needs of our patients, both from a clinical and pharmaceutical perspective.

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What challenges were you facing that made you choose Phlo Connect?

We needed a reputable digital pharmacy provider that we could rely on to handle the dispensing, delivery and customer service part of our business. We are busy providing great clinical care to our patients and needed a pharmacy partner to take care of the rest.

How has working with Phlo Connect changed the customer service experience for your patients?

I think patients appreciate being kept up to date throughout the entire process of prescription receipt, dispensing and delivery so they know exactly when they will receive their medication delivery. Patients also appreciated being able to pick up the phone or use live chat to ring the pharmacy if they have any urgent queries.

How easy is it for your clinicians to get a prescription for their patients?

We have been using the new Prescribing Portal designed by Phlo Connect, and our first impressions are that it is very user-friendly. It is easy to input all the patient and clinical information and to generate and send private prescriptions securely. We are confident that once we send that prescription to Phlo's pharmacy that they will take care of the rest with no hassle.

How has the integration of Phlo Connect improved the efficiency and effectiveness of your clinic's operations?

It has allowed us to be able to reduce our carbon footprint by providing digital prescriptions. It has allowed us to be able to track when prescriptions have been received by the pharmacy and the patient, which is useful for handling customer queries. It has made it easy to retrieve and search for previous prescriptions if needed.

What specific features of Phlo Connect's Prescribing Portal have streamlined the prescription process for your team?

The auto-population of certain fields within the portal eg medication/product name, has made it easier to generate the prescriptions. We could not have stored and handled physical paper prescriptions, so this was a massive help.

Can you highlight any time-saving benefits that you have experienced after partnering with Phlo Connect?

As everything is managed within the portal, as opposed to using emails or paper prescriptions, there is no time wasted chasing up lost prescriptions as everything is stored securely and easily visible.

Have you received any feedback from patients about the convenience and accessibility of the Phlo Connect system?

Several patients have said that the process was nice and smooth and Phlo was easy to contact when needed.

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Written by

Miraj Patel

Business Development Manager

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