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Andrew Farquharson

Creative Communicator

June 8, 2022
3 min read

In our hyper connected society the expectation of seamless digital experiences transcends almost everything in daily life. Healthcare is no exception; however, many patients are experiencing disruption in their digital healthcare experience when they shouldn’t be.  

At the critical stage of prescribing and pharmacy, their experience often becomes fragmented and goes offline - reverting to a traditional manual paper process. This creates a disconnect for the patient and creates inefficiencies for you as the healthcare provider.

Our Phlo Connect technology is the missing piece in enabling healthcare providers like you the ability to offer a seamless and complete digital patient experience.  

How does it work?

Phlo Connect is an API driven pharmacy infrastructure platform which seamlessly connects your patients to a superior pharmacy experience. It has been developed to simply plug into your existing platforms, enabling integration of the prescribing and pharmacy stage into the overall healthcare experience. And the end result? Your patients receive their medication direct to their doorstep without any fuss.

Watch our quick explainer video to see how Phlo Connect can revolutionise your patient experience, whilst giving your clinicians clarity and reducing administrative burden.  

Contact us to discover more about Phlo Connect and how we can work together to create integrated digital pathways for your clinicians and patients. Get in touch today.

Written by

Andrew Farquharson

Creative Communicator

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