Phlo Connect: How we work with healthcare partners

Katie Beaton

Eva Luckhiram

April 7, 2022
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Working collaboratively with our Phlo Connect partners is imperative to delivering end to end digital journeys that integrate into prescribing systems and processes. At Phlo Connect, we believe the key ingredients of a successful partnership are close collaboration and a deep understanding of your patient and clinical needs.

Phlo Connect works with global leaders in healthcare, innovative health-tech start-ups and private healthcare clinics. Our partners include Babylon Health, The Dermatology Partnership, HealthHero, Leva Clinic and Skindoc.

The needs of Phlo Connect partners are wide-ranging however they do share core requirements from a pharmacy partner:

  • The need to easily send prescriptions to a pharmacy at the point of creating a prescription
  • Informing patients of medication availability, price and delivery options
  • To ensure patients receive their medication when they need it

Step 1: Understand clinical requirements and prescription volumes

The first stage is to gather any essential information about partners' clinical requirements to ensure we help you build the right integrated solution. It is also important to understand items prescribed and volumes to provide a scalable solution.

Our pharmacy team will typically ask for:

  • Items prescribed and average number of prescriptions per week
  • Clinical requirements including any required supporting information from patients or controlled medications prescribed

Step 2: Analyse existing prescribing and patient journeys

Healthcare providers approach Phlo Connect because they have friction points in their prescribing journey.  

The first stage of the process is to carry out a discovery session with the key stakeholders from our prospective partner. The purpose of these discovery sessions is to discuss current pain points and what the ideal digital prescription journey could look like for the partner.

During these sessions, the team is looking to answer three main questions:

  1. What is your current prescription process?
  1. What is your ideal prescription journey?
  1. What changes can we make now?

From there, using the Phlo Connect platform, we can demonstrate how easy it is to receive prescriptions and send patients a unique link to review their items and choose delivery options.

The Phlo Connect one page checkout product.

Step 3: Mapping the ideal Journey

Following this information gathering session, we will move into reviewing partner's current prescriber to patient prescription journeys with our product owners, user experience designers and engineers. We then present back an integrated journey we can implement and ensure it meets the healthcare provider’s expectations.

We will also review the User Interface (UI) of any current Practice Management Systems in use, which helps us to understand where and when a prescriber will be sending a prescription to Phlo. From experience, clinicians and healthcare professionals don’t want to input patient data into multiple systems and need an integrated way to create prescriptions, add patient notes and receive updates that prescriptions have been received by their patients.

Our digital prescribing API allows our partners to send all the information we need, digitally sign prescriptions and add patient notes if needed. Additionally, clinicians can look up if a patient is in one of our same day delivery zones and receive patient delivery events.

How We Support You

As a dedicated pharmacy provider to our partners, we understand the need for flexibility and ongoing support as patient and clinical requirements change. Phlo Connect is supported by a cross functional, agile team of engineers, UI/UX designers and a product owner.

Our product team is focused on understanding your priorities to deliver digital journeys of the most value to meet your timelines and requirements.

Our user experience designers support the process by mapping and wire-framing clinician and patient journeys.  Our collaborative approach to integration work ensures we can tweak and develop bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

You can access our API documentation at your convenience, enabling your technical team to set up test environments. If you do not have a technical team, our team will work with you to create your new prescription journey.

Phlo Connect onboarding

You can find information on our API documentation here.

Before the launch of any new partnership, we carry out end to end testing from a technical and operational perspective.

Throughout the entire process we are here for any questions, from understanding CQC registration to accessing our OpenAPI specification.

The most significant motivating factor for our team is witnessing the impact Phlo Connect has had on our healthcare partners, removing friction points, and providing a platform for our partners to offer patients a digital healthcare experience that works for them.

Contact the team today If you would like to discover more about Phlo Connect and how we can help you create integrated digital pathways for your clinicians and patients. Get in touch here

Written by

Katie Beaton

Eva Luckhiram

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