Introducing Phlo Connect

Mairead Quigley

Senior Marketing Manager

November 1, 2021
8 min read

Over the past several years there has been exponential growth in the provision of digital healthcare services in the UK. The advent of Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital services tenfold. Both NHS and private healthcare organisations in the UK are taking significant steps towards re-defining “digital patient care” to ensure our healthcare system is fit for purpose in the 21st century.  

With an increasing number of patients turning to technology to help them better manage their healthcare, there is a growing need for healthcare providers to offer patients a seamless end-to-end digital patient experience. More patient consultations are being conducted virtually than ever before. However, all too often the process of how can access their medication is an afterthought leading to a fragmented and underwhelming patient experience.  

That’s why we have launched Phlo Connect to create an end-to-end digital patient experience from consultation to delivery of medication.  

What is Phlo Connect?

Phlo Connect is an API-driven pharmacy infrastructure service. We provide an integrated pharmacy technology platform that allows healthcare partners to “plug into” our pharmacy service and offer their patients the ability to manage, order, and track their medication for a seamless end-to-end digital healthcare experience. Phlo Connect also simplifies digital prescribing for clinicians by removing existing administrative burdens via our digital prescribing tool.  

What challenges does Phlo Connect solve?

The Phlo Connect pharmacy platform has been built to address the existing fragmented experience of patients and clinicians.

Once a private patient has been prescribed treatment for their condition, and the prescription is handed over to a pharmacy the healthcare provider loses control over the patient experience. All too often, a patient must travel to a pharmacy to pick up their prescription, wait in a queue, only to find the pharmacy is out of stock. A private patient will also be charged for their prescription but will have no idea of the cost until it is dispensed by the pharmacy.  

Here are some of the main patient and clinician benefits:

The patient benefits of integrating with Phlo Connect:

  • A simple one-click checkout process that allows patients to schedule their medication delivery at a time and place that suits them  
  • Up-front pricing so the patient knows exactly how much the prescription will cost
  • Patient knows up-front whether we have their medication in stock
  • For patients requiring urgent acute medication we offer a rapid same-day delivery service in selected cities with an average delivery time of less than two hours. We are the only online pharmacy in the UK to offer this service.
  • Convenience for the patient, saving them time and effort by removing the need to travel to a bricks-and-mortar pharmacy  
  • Real-time patient updates every step of the way for peace of mind  

Provider benefits of integrating with Phlo Connect :

  • Allows Clinicians to easily send an electronic prescription to Phlo  
  • Phlo Connect handles all patient communications and patient care, significantly reducing the administrative burden on clinical/customer service teams
  • Clinicians and patients can talk to our dedicated pharmacy team via phone, e-mail or live chat whenever they need to
  • We Integrate with your existing clinical management system through our industry-leading API offering.

Who does Phlo Connect work with?

Phlo Connect can partner with a wide range of both private and NHS healthcare providers in the UK who are looking to offer an integrated digital pharmacy service to their patients. We currently work with some of the UK’s leading health - tech companies such as Babylon Health to smaller bricks-and-mortar healthcare clinics.  

Our experienced team of pharmacists, software engineers and product designers work closely with our partners to understand their existing pain points, patient journeys and clinical management systems so we can develop a truly outstanding end-to-end digital experience for both patients and clinicians.  

Are you interested in finding about more about how Phlo Connect can help you?  Contact the team today to arrange an initial consultation.  

Written by

Mairead Quigley

Senior Marketing Manager

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