How does the Phlo Connect team co-create products with our partners?

Eva Luckhiram

Head of Product

August 24, 2023
8 minute read

No two digital health providers are the same. According to the area or speciality in which they operate, their clinicians, prescribers and users will have unique needs and their team will have a unique definition of success. It follows that, in order to deliver the best possible experience, each digital health platform will require a unique combination of features and capabilities in their technology stack.

This principle has been built into the approach that Phlo Connect takes when working with all of our partners. The ‘off-the-shelf’ packages of our prescribing technology and APIs have been created in close consultation with end users, to ensure that all digital health providers can easily integrate with us and receive high value core functionality.  

But we will also always listen to the specific needs of partners (and their patients) and explore how we can prioritise these in our product development roadmap. This approach ensures that the Phlo Connect product offerings are constantly being refined and iterated to deliver the best outcomes to all our partners.  

But what does this mean for you, a new Phlo Connect partner, and how involved will you be in the process? Here is our ‘rough guide’ to the Phlo Connect co-creation process that ensures you get the technology stack your healthcare business needs to support its success.  

Step 1: Listening

You’re a private digital healthcare provider, and you want to offer your users a seamless, rapid medication delivery experience. You also want to make the prescription process intuitive and friction-free, whilst adhering to regulations and the highest safety standards. So, you reach out to the Phlo Connect team. You tell us exactly what you need, which pain points you want to solve, and what your ‘dream’ solution looks like. We listen.  

Step 2: Exploring

We immediately connect you with the engineers, designers and product manager who will be with you every step of the way during the co-creation process. Drawing on years of experience working with scores of healthtech companies, they dive deep into the nuances of your needs and explore what the right solution for you would look like. We cross-reference your pain-points with those of our other partners to establish the common themes and to inspire creative solutions.  

Step 3: Transparency

There is no over-promising or setting of unrealistic expectations here. Because our team is experienced and knows the capabilities of our technology stack inside-out, we propose solutions and feature additions that we know we can realistically deliver within reasonable timeframes and according to our existing product roadmap. We design for impact - not complexity. This means that our promises are always achieved - on time and on budget.  

Step 4: Building

As the UK’s leading digital healthcare infrastructure providers, we have the knowledge and the experience to create and integrate the back-end technologies you need to enhance your service offering. Working in a highly-regulated space, such as medical cannabis? We have experience navigating this successfully. Looking to offer same-day medication delivery? We know what your technology back-end ought to look like.  

We are committed to removing frustrating fragmentation from digital healthcare, and we believe that patients deserve to access an excellent, safe and compliant service at every single touchpoint. We carry this forward into every element of our product build, working quickly but thoroughly.  

Step 5: Onboarding

Your team is busy, but they need to quickly become competent in using the new features and products. In recognition of this, we offer both live and pre-recorded demos, and on-demand problem solving as required. Everyone will be fluent and confident in time for the product launch.  

Step 6: Iterating

We collect feedback for the first weeks and months following the go-live date, so we can identify and act on areas that need to be iterated, amended or improved. Our structured feedback session three months in provides an opportunity for all key stakeholders to share how their working practice has been improved, and to make suggestions that could improve the Phlo Connect products and experience for our partners.


Are you a digital healthcare provider looking to integrate seamless prescribing and medication delivery into your service offering? Let’s talk about how the Phlo Connect team can help.

Written by

Eva Luckhiram

Head of Product

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