Healthtech to watch: a digital solution to the demand for better men’s healthcare

Andrew Farquharson

Creative Communicator

November 24, 2022
3 minute read

This Men’s Health Awareness month we have been looking at men’s healthcare and how accessible it truly is. From challenges around encouraging men to take action on their health, to how easy it is for men to get the advice and treatment they need; there are a lot of problems to solve. Join us as we list our top three men’s healthcare companies and how they are transforming the face of men’s healthcare through the VIMPRO approach.

Firstly, what is a VIMPRO?

This latest healthcare acronym stands for Vertically Integrated Micro-Provider and was introduced by Heal Capital in 2021. A VIMPRO refers to a digital healthcare provider who is focused on delivering an end-to-end health service for a specific group of people, or a condition group. For example, dermatology, menopause treatments, male specific conditions and chronic pain are all active VIMPRO verticals in the UK market.  

More than that, the need reason for VIMPROs is worth noting. Amongst many factors, VIMPROs are increasingly stepping in to service patient needs where the NHS is struggling to cope. There is an increasing demand for niche services across the healthcare spectrum, which whilst not the big-ticket headline acts, do significantly impact the day-to-day life of many individuals.  

Healthcare in the digital age

It is no surprise to know that at Phlo Connect we are big advocates of digital healthcare. Our vision is a fully connected digital healthcare ecosystem; one which serves patients and makes it easier for them to access the healthcare resources they need. And that also means in a way that is convenient, secure and confidential for them and the provider. Most people order a takeaway through an app rather than going to the takeaway shop in person, so why should accessing healthcare be harder than that?  

There are also complex psychological factors at play which make it emotionally and mentally challenging for people to take the first step in addressing a health condition. Then there is the dread of knowing how to take action – who to call, what to say, and how not to feel embarrassed. For men especially, it is hard to talk about personal medical concerns, so discretion coupled with ease of access are big challenges that the digital healthcare revolution can overcome. Niche healthcare services that deliver real-world solutions are those which we are pleased to see gain a strong foothold in the healthcare ecosystem.  

Innovative healthtech to watch

Within the men’s healthcare space there are three providers we are keeping a Phlo Connect eye on. They are all focused on addressing challenges many men face and they are doing it in a way which puts the patient and their needs at the centre, whilst delivering their services in a truly digitally transformative way.


Certainly recognisable thanks to their impactful and no-nonsense branding, Numan offer a range of treatments for the key concerns of many men. They focus on erectile dysfunction, hair loss, weight loss, supplements and one-off doctor consultations. What is appealing about their service is the ease of the patient experience on their secure web and app-based platform. Within a few minutes patients can complete a simple, jargon-free questionnaire and select a treatment plan that best aligns with their concerns. Visit for more.


Manual focus on treatments and advice for sexual health, hair loss, sleep, skincare and all-round wellbeing. They are big proponents of delivering a holistic approach to health, by adding education and personal growth into the mix alongside diagnosis and treatment. Fully online, they are a one-stop digital resource and shop for men. Visit for more.


Focused on fertility, ExSeed have created a lab standard home testing kit to measure male fertility. Using their app, handheld device and the camera on a mobile phone, a sample can be analysed and an accurate reading obtained - all without visiting a clinic in person. Supporting the fertility journey, they offer a complete plan to optimise fertility through increased wellbeing and health. Visit for more.

Each of these providers are doubling down on innovation and healthtech that serves the patient first and foremost. Digitally accessible and easy to use, their healthtech means men can access advice and treatment wherever they are in the UK. They no longer need to be in physical proximity to a specialist, and they do not need a lengthy NHS referral. It is time for change and the change is quite literally at our fingertips. Men, it is time to take action.

Find out why we’re the trusted healthtech partner of choice for leading global healthcare providers. With our market-leading integrated pharmacy infrastructure platform it is time to deliver a complete end-to-end digital healthcare experience for your clinicians and patients. Contact our team.

Written by

Andrew Farquharson

Creative Communicator

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